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The AMA Career Resource Center provides academicians and doctoral students with resources to assist with searching for new opportunities, and planning and managing career paths.


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AMA Transitions Guide: Navigating the Progression 

This document is meant to serve as an official, comprehensive guide for marketing doctoral students as they transition from student life to professor life. It includes details and advice for dealing with pressures of the academic job market.  

My Academic Role Model | Guest Article from SERVSIG

As a recipient of the emerging scholar award, I was asked to write a short blog for the SERVSIG newsletter. It’s a challenge to write something smart after the wise words of our ‘old’ knight Dwayne Gremler! So, I took the opportunity to reflect upon what has helped me in my academic career, especially when the road was rather more bumpy and potholed than smooth.

AMA Spotlight | The PhD Project: Partnering for Diversity​

The AMA has a close and supportive relationship with The PhD Project Marketing Doctoral Student Association (MDSA).  Since its inception in 1997, The PhD Project MDSA Conference has been held in conjunction with the AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference. Thanks to AMA support, MDSA members are able to attend the event each year with no registration fee. PhD Project professors also partake in many other AMA conferences throughout the year. Learn more about the AMA's partnership with The PhD Project​.

Survey: Who Went Where? 

For more than ten years, the Who Went Where? survey has provided marketing doctoral programs and students with a snapshot of the job market. The results from the survey are presented at Summer AMA each year. 

View previous Who Went Where? reports​

The Doctoral Experience | From The Source:

The best knowledge comes from those who have the experiences--the good, the bad, and the ugly. Read up on the perspectives from other doctoral students from the Holmes Education Post.  

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