AMA Strengthens Inclusivity in Next Generation of Marketers

Julie Schnidman and Matt Weingarden
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​​The AMA and AMA Foundation have awarded more than 60 scholarships and grants representing a $100,000 commitment to diversity in marketing.

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With the United States experiencing a tremendous demographic shift and industry becoming globally dependent at all levels, the marketing community needs to be prepared to respond to these changes via a diverse and inclusive workforce. Since 2003, the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the American Marketing Association Foundation​ (AMAF) have awarded more than 60 scholarships and grants to students and professors from underrepresented backgrounds and geographies in the marketing profession. This represents a $100,000 commitment. 

University of Michigan marketing professor David Wooten explains, “The population as a whole is becoming more diverse, the marketplace is becoming global, and I think it’s beneficial [for new marketers] to learn from people who come from different walks of life.”

AMA and AMAF programs support diversity in the next generation of marketers by providing financial aid for students. These scholarships create a welcoming environment for a diverse spectrum of students who are currently in the classroom. 


 AMAF Contributes to Inclusivity in Marketing



Faculty-focused programs support the instructors at the front of the classroom by funding research grants and mentoring early career professors as well as recognizing the lifetime achievements of senior faculty.  Placing underrepresented minority faculty at the front of the classroom increases minority student retention as well as improves the educational experience of all marketing students.

“To be able to train young minds, not necessarily those who will go on to academic careers, but the ones who will go onto industry and to have them prepared to know what kinds of things to look out for both in terms of inclusion and things to avoid in terms of exclusion, it really makes me happy to know that diversity in the classroom is being taken all the way into industry as well,” explains Geraldine Rosa Henderson of Loyola University.    


AMA and AMAF are proud to offer the following scholarships, grants, and awards to support young marketers throughout their academic careers: 

  • Diversity Leadership Scholarships for collegiate students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership as part of their chapter activities or in other community endeavors.  

  • Valuing Diversity Ph.D. Scholarships for African American, Hispanic, and Native American marketing doctoral students.  Through this initiative, AMAF seeks to widen the opportunities for underrepresented populations to attend marketing doctoral programs. 

  • Valuing Diversity New Faculty Research Grants to support newly minted PhD project alumni faculty from underrepresented populations during the first two years of their career.  This grant was made possible from a partnership with the PhD Project and the Sheth Foundation. 

  • ​The Williams-Qualls-Spratlen Multicultural Mentoring Award of Excellence (WQS) for marketing professors of color who have made significant research advancements and sustained a career-long commitments to guiding the academic and/or professional growth of their students in marketing.  

In addition to offering scholarships and awards that recognize the achievements of diverse marketers, AMA and AMAF also partner with other organizations who share our strategic vision and goals around creating a more diverse marketplace for the future.  For example, AMA partners with the PhD Project on multiple conferences, events, and awards given throughout the year.  The AMA also contributes $25,000 in sponsorship funds on an annual basis to the PhD Project.  Together with the help of organizations such as the PhD Project, we can offer more support and funding to marketing students and faculty from underrepresented populations and start to move the needle on diversity in education and business.

To learn more about this important issue and hear first-hand perspectives from past recipients of AMA/AMAF scholarships and awards, watch our short video​ on diversity in business.   Interested in supporting the next generation of diverse marketing leaders?  Donate to AMAF programs today​!

An essential community for marketers, the American Marketing Association strives to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world.  The American Marketing Association Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of the AMA, helping the association carry out this mission by investing in marketing initiatives that benefit society.

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Julie Schnidman and Matt Weingarden
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