American Marketing Association-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium by the Numbers

Matt Weingarden
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​The AMA celebrated 50 years of the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in 2015 at the London Business School. 

​In the mid-1960s, Thomas Staudt, then Marketing Department Chair at Michigan State University, began working with several colleagues from the discipline on a project that would evolve into the AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium. The first event was held at Indiana University and met with resounding enthusiasm. Initially, the consortium was managed as an independent entity, but Staudt always planned for an organization like the AMA to take over day-to-day management. Today the AMA provides host institutions with $50,000 along with approximately $32,000 from an endowment established by Jag Sheth and the Sheth Foundation in the mid-1990s. In honor of 50 years of consortium, here are just a few facts about the event.

AMA Doctoral Consortium by the Numbers

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Matt Weingarden
Matt Weingarden is AMA's Community Content Senior Manager and an eager student of the history of the AMA Doctoral Consortium
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