AMA Announces Six AMA-EBSCO Answers in Action Grant Recipients

Matt Weingarden, Curator


Key Takeaways
Based on the AMA brand promise of answers in action and generously funded by EBSCO, these grants are designed to support research involving deep interaction/collaboration between the academic and practitioner communities.

In January, the AMA released the list of the first set of AMA-EBSCO Answers in Action Grant​ recipients. The six projects represent deep interaction/collaboration between academe and industry, fulfilling the AMA's goals of providing Answers in Action. The scholars involved come from a diverse set of institutions and are similarly working with a wide range of companies. 

Grant awards ranged from $2,500 to $7,500. A call for proposals will open for the next round of grants in early Spring 2018.

Recipients Include:

In collaboration with Schell Games, a gaming design and development company, a team from the University of Pittsburgh, including Christian Hughes, plans to explore the internet’s influence on word of mouth information sharing. In particular, the research will examine the role that audience diversity plays in sharing positive or negative information.

University of Denver’s Rosanna Garcia is using the grant funds to explore a growing community of Benefit Corporations and respond to a question many B Corporation executives struggle to answers: “Does it pay to be a B Corporation?” In addition to working with local networks of B Corporation leaders, Garcia will also work with Pennsylvania-based B Labs.

Christy Ashley of the University of Rhode Island plans to work with A.B. Munroe Dairy as it navigates the challenges of reaching Millennials and helping them engage with a legacy brand via social media. Ashley expects the research to offer insights on interactions between social media, event marketing, authenticity, and nostalgic brand image – all that are especially relevant in this market space with anticipated growth of grocery delivery.

Elina Tang, University of Illinois at Chicago, plans to work with TransUnion to better understand how to work with their B2B customer base. TransUnion, a Chicago-based credit report agency, is among the three largest credit agencies in the world. Tang plans to utilize both B2B and B2C information to develop a meaningful segmentation scheme, with the objective of enhancing sales force effectiveness. Tang will be working closely with the financial Services division in the TransUnion headquarter in Chicago.

Boston University doctoral candidate Albert Valenti and University of Minnesota assistant professor Yicheng Song have a partnership with a European car manufacturer to understand customer’s information collection journey along the path-to-purchase. In addition to having support form the top management, the team is working closely with their media agencies.

Abhishek Borah of the University of Washington and Deborah Macinnis of the University of Southern California will work with Gratiana Pol and Jude Calvillo of Hyperthesis—a Los Angeles-based startup funded by the National Science Foundation—on identifying various ways in which academic research findings from published papers can be synthesized and presented to marketing managers.

Matt Weingarden, Curator