3 Marketing Profs in Poets and Quants 40 Under 40 Top MBA Faculty

Matt Weingarden
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Poets & Quants Honor Roll 40 Under 40 Top MBA Professors
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​Lauren Beitelspacher, Andrea Morales, and Carey K. Morewedge were included in Poets & Quants' 2016 Honor Roll featuring 40 Outstanding MBA Professors under 40.  

Poets and Quants' 2016 Honor Roll:The 40 Under 40 Most Outstanding MBA Professors includes three marketing professors including a former collegiate chapter adviser and recent Erin Anderson award recipient. This year, Poets and Quants noted that, "75 professors from 40 different business schools all over the world were nominated by students, alumni and the schools themselves." 

The three marketing professors represented on the 2016 list were: Lauren Beitelspacher of Babson College, Andrea Morales of Arizona State University, and Carey K. Morewedge of Boston University. They join a distinguished group of past distinguished faculty - including 2015 honorees like Cait Lamberton of University of Pittsburgh, Jeremy Kees of Villanova University, and Andrew Stephen of Oxford University. 

Lauren Beitelspacher was an AMA collegiate chapter adviser and active with the International Collegiate Conference until she departed for the East coast to join the faculty at Babson College. Since joining the Babson faculty, Lauren has become much more engaged with the Retail & Pricing Special Interest Group.  Poets and Quants noted that Lauren, loves marketing! She practices it. She researches it. She teaches it. She advocates for it. And this love is contagious at Babson College, where she is described by one student as “everything a professor should be. 

The AMA really enjoyed her response to a question about her most memorable moment in the classroom:

I had just started teaching the introduction to marketing class and was very new in my career.  A student ​came up to me after class and said, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after taking your class, I realize I love marketing and I want to major in it.”  I was so touched; it also made me realize what a big responsibility I have to my students and the impact that professors can actually have on students’ lives. I always hope my impact will be a positive one.

Her full interview is available at Poets and Quants.

Andrea Morales received her PhD in Marketing at Wharton and then went West to Arizona State University where she is now the J. Willard & Alice S. Marriott Foundation Professor of Marketing​. In 2013 she received the Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Marketing Scholar and Mentor. Her research on social influence and emotions in consumer contexts has been published in leading journals as well as in major media outlets. 

Given all of her accolades, Andrea is kept grounded by her family. When asked about her proudest professional achievement, she explained: 

Getting promoted to full professor and learning I had been named the Marriott Foundation Professor of Marketing. My younger son, who was 3 years old at the time, was with me when I got the official call from my dean and department chair. His response to my exciting news, “Can I ride my scooter?”

Her full interview is available at Poets and Quants​.

Carey K. Morewedge received his PhD in social pyschology at Harvard University and since then has published in a number of leading business journals, including a recently accepted piece in the Journal of Marketing Research, "Selective Sensitization: Consuming a Food Activates a Goal to Consume its Complements.

When asked about "the business school of the future," Morewedge hope for a focus on teaching students how to incorporate experiments and research into business and policy decisions. Too much capital and too many lives depend on the accuracy of speculative intuitions

His full interview is available at Poets and Quants

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