AMA Marketing Week

What is Marketing Week?
Marketing Week is celebrated annually by chapters of the American Marketing Association, one of the largest professional associations for marketers with over 30,000 members worldwide in every area of marketing.  Marketing Week is a chance for collegiate chapters to showcase both the variety and depth of marketing, opportunities in careers in Marketing as well as to highlight the benefits of AMA membership.  

When is Marketing Week held?
Marketing Week is traditionally held the first full week of October, however, collegiate chapters may choose the week or two before or after this if that works better for their schedule.  Having Marketing week early in October helps to leverage the events for membership recruiting; a focus on the marketing profession (as well as the benefits of Collegiate Membership) also provides an opportunity to attract new members or to renew membership. In 2013, Marketing week should be held the week of October 7-11, or as close to that week as possible.

Why Participate in Marketing Week and the Outstanding Marketing Week Competition?
Participation in Marketing Week offers a variety of benefits to collegiate chapters. It is a great way for your school to take part in a competition. In addition, for many chapters, Marketing Week is an integral part of their overall strategic plan, which they report in their Chapter Plan and Annual Report. Most importantly, Marketing Week is a chance for the collegiate chapter to showcase what Marketing and the AMA is all about to a variety of stakeholders, including members, prospective members, department and school administration, Professional AMA chapters, recruiters, etc.

What type of events should a chapter hold?
Chapters have held an array of events; these can range from formal to informal events but all involve a way of showcasing the marketing profession.  Some chapters hold faculty-student mixers, faculty research presentations, local business leader outreach activities, career fairs, networking opportunities, business etiquette lunches or dinners, programs co-sponsored by or featuring the local professional AMA chapter, site visits to marketing/advertising/pr companies, or  fund raising events.  Chapters should consider using Marketing Week as a strategic TOOL to improve their chapter; a chapter can use Marketing Week to target a particular area (identified through S.W.O.T. analysis).

Who should be invited to Marketing Week activities?
Existing and prospective members (consider inviting students from other schools within your university), departmental and school faculty, local business leaders, members of the local professional chapter of the AMA, school administrators, advisors, career placement officers, etc may all be invited. 

What type of speakers or events should the chapter aim to secure?
Many chapters use Marketing Week as a chance to showcase their chapter to the local audiences (students, faculty, administrators, and business leaders) but each collegiate chapter should choose events which will attract the attention of their targeted market. Some chapters use Marketing Week for their MOST popular (or sensational) speaker or panel events. Some chapters host career fairs or networking events, others host etiquette dinners. Consider contacting your local AMA chapter leadership for suggestions on speakers or panel events; if there’s not a local chapter in close proximity, try the Chamber of Commerce, or check in with the local business leaders. Your school may also have a Board of Advisors (or Board of Trustees) which consists of business leaders who would be interested and excited to speak with AMA collegiate chapters. Also, think about companies which may be recruiting at your campus; these companies might welcome the opportunity to make a presentation during Marketing Week as a way of introducing the company to prospective job applicants.

Some chapters use Marketing Week as an opportunity to host an etiquette dinner or luncheon. This event provides attendees with opportunities to learn how to feel more comfortable in luncheon interviews or during business meetings over meals. Some of the topics can include:

How to enter a room full of strangers
How to properly introduce yourself
The Elevator Speech