AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate

Welcome to the AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Program for AMA student members. As part of its goal to increase the value proposition to members, the AMA has launched a series of Certificate Programs designed to prepare you for life beyond college, and importantly, to make you more marketable to employers. Given that students have a hard time meeting their financial obligations while in college, you will be happy to know that this certificate program is free of charge to dues paying AMA student members (full time undergraduate and full time graduate students). Note: these programs are not available to non-AMA student members, or for those pursuing life long learning beyond college.

You may do the AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate on your own, but we encourage Chapters to set aside time where members can view the videos together and then discuss their content. 

The AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Program is not designed to make everyone research experts. Rather, we expose AMA Collegiate Members to a variety of research topics as a means of providing you an understanding of what a career in marketing research entails, basic knowledge about sound research practices and insight into key research analytics and software programs like SPSS and Survey Monkey.

The AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate is a series of videos across six modules.  To receive the Certificate, you need to view all of the videos in all of the modules

Module 1:  An Introduction to the Program and to the Research Industry

Module 2:  Research Methods

Module 3:  Data Collection Methods

Module 4:  Data Analysis

Module 5:  SPSS Tutorial

Module 6:  Online Surveys (Survey Monkey)

Videos for the AMA Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Program can be found below. 

In Summary:

  1. View all of the videos in all six modules below, preferably with chapter members. 
  2. Have your Faculty advisor validate that you viewed the modules (or if you don't have an AMA chapter on campus, a Marketing Faculty person will do). 
  3. Have your Faculty Advisor Name and Email ready, then complete this WUFOO link.
  4. AMA will email you a PDF certificate of completion within a few weeks!

Note: this program is not available to those pursuing skills beyond college. 


 Collegiate Marketing Research Certificate Videos

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