Table of Contents, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

Volume 30, Number 1
Spring 2011
I. Special Issue on Transformative Consumer Research
From Nutrients to Nurturance: A Conceptual Introduction to Food Well-Being
Lauren G. Block, Sonya A. Grier, Terry L. Childers, Brennan Davis, Jane E.J. Ebert, Shiriki Kumanyika, Russell N. Laczniak, Jane E. Machin, Carol M. Motley, Laura Peracchio, Simone Pettigrew, Maura Scott and Mirjam N.G. van Ginkel Bieshaar
Transforming Consumer Health
Debra L. Scammon, Punam A. Keller, Pia A. Albinsson, Shalini Bahl, Jesse R. Catlin, Kelly L. Haws, Jeremy Kees, Tracey King, Elizabeth Gelfand Miller, Ann M. Mirabito, Paula C. Peter and Robert M. Schindler
Navigating the Central Tensions in Research on At-Risk Consumers: Challenges and Opportunities
Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann, Elizabeth S. Moore, Alan R. Andreasen, Paul M. Connell, Dan Freeman, Meryl P. Gardner, Deborah Heisley, R. Craig Lefebvre, Dante M. Pirouz and Robin L. Soster
Sustainable Consumption: Opportunities for Consumer Research and Public Policy
Andrea Prothero, Susan Dobscha, Jim Freund, William E. Kilbourne, Michael G. Luchs, Lucie K. Ozanne and John Thøgersen
Beyond Poverty: Social Justice in a Global Marketplace
Linda Scott, Jerome D. Williams, Stacey Menzel Baker, Jan Brace-Govan, Hilary Downey, Anne-Marie Hakstian, Geraldine Rosa Henderson, Peggy Sue Loroz and Dave Webb
Immigration, Culture, and Ethnicity in Transformative Consumer Research
David Crockett, Laurel Anderson, Sterling A. Bone, Abhijit Roy, Jeff Jianfeng Wang and Garrett Coble
II. Special Section: The History and Evolution of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing: The Editors Speak...
William L. Wilkie and Elizabeth S. Moore
Expanding Journal of Public Policy & Marketing’s Horizons
Michael B. Mazis
III. Articles and Essays
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Exposure, Behavior, and Policy Implications
Susan D. Myers, Marla B. Royne and George D. Deitz
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