Table of Contents, Journal of Marketing Research

Volume 48, Special Issue
November 2011
Increasing Saving Behavior Through Age-Progressed Renderings of the Future Self
Hal E. Hershfield, Daniel G. Goldstein, William F. Sharpe, Jesse Fox, Leo Yeykelis, Laura L. Carstensen, and Jeremy N. Bailenson
Winning the Battle but Losing the War: The Psychology of Debt Management
Moty Amar, Dan Ariely, Shahar Ayal, Cynthia E. Cryder, and Scott I. Rick
Minimum Required Payment and Supplemental Information Disclosure Effects on Consumer Debt Repayment Decisions
Daniel Navarro-Martinez, Linda Court Salisbury, Katherine N. Lemon, Neil Stewart, William J. Matthews, and Adam J.L. Harris
Axe the Tax: Taxes Are Disliked More than Equivalent Costs
Abigail B. Sussman and Christopher Y. Olivola
Fear, Social Projection, and Financial Decision Making
Chan Jean Lee and Eduardo B. Andrade
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