Seven Habits of Highly Effective Marketers: #5 - Select the Most Profitable Product, Not the Most Appealing

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
Maintain focus on profitability while using the technology that is readily available.

Marketers have an uneasy relationship with innovation these days. Everyone knows that they need to maintain a steady stream of new products and/or services to grow – or at least keep up with the competition. Yet the best-case-scenario odds of introducing a successful new product or service don’t get much better than 50-50.

With management expectations for return on investment of innovation efforts at an all-time high, introducing a successful new product or service can seem like a daunting proposition. Highly effective marketers know they need to get a product and pricing strategy in place that will minimize risk and maximize growth.

In this podcast, Eric Paquette will stress maintaining a focus on profitability while using the technology that’s readily available today to test thousands of new product and service concepts.

About our Guest:  Eric Paquette is a senior vice president at Copernicus, with almost two decades of experience working with sales and marketing individuals to make informed decisions about their strategies and programs.  

An expert at bridging the gap between research and marketing, he has been a featured speaker on topics including new product marketing research approaches, market segmentation, positioning, and a variety of industry-specific issues.