Face to Face Training Series


Marketing is always evolving. So are you.
Learning online is great, but sometimes there's no substitute for a classroom, a room full of peers and an instructor who's ready to answer your questions. It's amazing what you can learn when you set some time aside and take away all the distractions, and only the American Marketing Association tackles such a wide array of today’s burning issues.

Our Face to Face Training Series are led by the industry’s most innovative thinkers and designed to give you solid, ready-to-use answers in an highly effective format. Training Series are roll-up-your-sleeves, two-day sessions with AMA experts, offering invaluable experience with the latest techniques, best practices and leading-edge tools. You’ll be working closely with peers and instructors, with plenty of opportunity for question-and-answer sessions, plus closely supervised hands-on practice. It’s more than learning, it’s training!

Please view the upcoming Face to Face events below. Click event name for more information.

Event​ Date ​Location
Successfully Managing the Creative Process ​April 10-11      ​San Franciso, CA     
​Web & Digital Analytics (New!) ​April 24 ​Chicago, IL
Multichannel Marketing Strategy ​May 7-8 ​Philadelphia, PA
​Content Marketing ​May 15-16 ​New Orleans, LA
​The Ten New Brand Imperatives (New!) ​May 21 ​Chicago, IL
Advanced Social Media ​June 4-5 ​Philadelphia, PA
Marketing Fundamentals (New!) ​June 5-6 Chicago, IL​
Health Care Marketing ​June 9-10 Chicago, IL
Integrated Marketing Communications ​June 10-11 ​Chicago, IL
Leading the Marketing Planning Initiative ​July 24-25 ​Philadelphia, PA