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Health Care Marketing: Building Brands. Moving Markets. Delivering Value.

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Listen to a sneak peek Health Care Marketing Podcast by Instructor Rhoda Weiss, founding president of American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Strategy & Marketing Development.  She is also the editor of AMA's Marketing Health Services magazine.

Health care marketing is undergoing dramatic reinvention and change because of emerging trends, reform uncertainties, the emergence of social marketing and a renewed focus on quality, outcome and prevention. Executives are demanding higher impact and bigger returns from marketing investments, and marketing professionals are more closely aligning their efforts with strategic objectives, customer experience and the integration of communications across multiple platforms and channels. This seminar offers proven approaches to proactive health care marketing with specific action steps, strategies, techniques and tactics to move markets and increase visibility, awareness, understanding, market share and profitability.


Health Care Marketing - Learning Objectives
• Understand and seize opportunities resulting from reform, medical
   advances, demands for quality and outcomes, health-conscious
   consumers, social media and more.
• Discuss steps to develop and implement more refined, targeted and
   leaner marketing plans that deliver results.
• Get insights into consumer needs, behaviors and successful targeting
   tactics by age, culture, ethnicity and health status.
• Explore techniques to engage physicians, employees and other
   stakeholders as partners, referrers and marketing ambassadors to
   advance your message and influence conversations and communities.
• Discuss successful best practices and case studies that use
   multitudes of mediums across many platforms to maximize their
• Determine low- to no-cost tactics to target and grow market share that
  deliver value, expand relationships, are easy to implement and are
  closely aligned with strategic initiatives.
• Hear about the latest in branding, brand equity, buzz and creative
   content creation that captures customers’ imagination, moves
   markets, positions and differentiates from competitors.
• Learn fresh, innovative approaches to marketing, research, social
   media, messaging, profitable partnerships and community building to
   influence the conversation, build enthusiasm, generate word of mouth,
   and achieve market saturation and success.


Health Care Marketing - Who Should Attend
This session is for anyone interested in learning compelling, practical, innovative and robust approaches to health care marketing, strategy, research, planning, stakeholder relations, communications, branding, best practices and other elements of marketing during an era that promises dramatic changes and challenges in how we practice marketing.


Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received 4 weeks prior to the event will receive a refund of fees minus $150 cancellation fee. Cancellations received within 4 weeks of the event will receive a refund of fees minus $300. There will be no cancellations on or after the start date of the training.


About the Instructor(s)
Rhoda Weiss


Karen Albritton, President, Capstrat, a leading communications firm that’s created ground-breaking marketing for health plans, hospitals, health systems and more, including a campaign that’s helped prevent thousands of teens from using tobacco and one of the most provocative, disarming communications strategies, the Let’s Talk Cost “scape-goat” campaign, which combines humor and complete transparency to address the complex, polarizing issue of medical costs.

Linda MacCracken, Vice President for Product Management, Healthcare & Science for Thomson Reuters and author of Market-Driven Strategy: An Executive Guide to Health Care’s Integrated Environment, is a sought-after speaker and innovator in health care strategy, marketing, CRM, generational targeting and using multi-channel marketing to drive revenue gains. She also teaches marketing to physician executives at Harvard University School of Public Health.

Susan Solomon, author of Building Powerful Health Care Brands, is Vice President of Marketing for St. Joseph Health System, with 14 hospitals in California, Texas and New Mexico. During her career she helped pioneer many digital marketing “firsts” for health care organizations and is a national speaker and author on social media and health care marketing. A Fulbright Scholar and award-winning professional, she has taught marketing at several California universities.

Sheila Thorne, President and CEO. Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, Associate Clinical Professor, Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare​


Day One

8:00–8:30 a.m.          Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Program (includes Lunch, Morning and Afternoon

Redefining, Reinventing Health Care Marketing
• Succeeding in an Evolving Health Care Marketplace
• Capitalizing on the Journey through Change
• Recognizing Marketing Myths and Realities
• Reevaluating Roles, Responsibilities and Skills Required

Developing, Implementing Marketing Plans That Deliver Results
• Creating Marketing Plans that Engage Stakeholders, Demand Action
• Adopting Targeted, Cost-Effective Market Research Techniques
• Identifying Strengths, Seizing Opportunities, Overcoming Barriers
• Aligning Strategy, Patient Experiences, Integrated Communications

Segmenting Audiences for Micro-Marketing
• Expanding Reach to Larger Targeted Audiences
• Reaching Targets by Age, Culture, Ethnicity, Health Status
• Understanding Cross-Cultural Needs, Nuances and Mores
• Adopting Proven Practices in Multi-Cultural Marketing

Building Strong Brands, Increasing Awareness
• Understanding how Strong Brands, Identities Move Markets
• Making Names Work with Every Communications Vehicle
• Ensuring Brands Reflect Value Proposition, Truth behind the Image
• Engraving Brands on Customer Consciousness

Marketing Health Care Organizations: Best Practices, Case Studies
• Capitalizing on Major Referrers, Stakeholders and Influencers
• Learning Best Practices for Providers, Hospitals, Physicians,
• Advancing Marketing and Communications to and for Health Plans
• Sharing Successes in Cardiac, Women’s, Cancer, ER, Ortho,
  Pediatrics and more
• Adopting Marketing from Senior Services, Mental Health, Home Care,

Reaching Other Key Influencers
• Rallying Influencers
• Tapping Board Members, Volunteers, Vendors, Supporters
• Integrating into the Employer Network
• Identifying Unusual Health/Non-Health Related Referral Sources
• Enlarging Community Connections, Funding

Integrating Marketing Communications
• Cutting through Clutter of Media Proliferation
• Identifying Best Channels, Tools, Techniques for Messaging
• Maximizing and Multiplying Messages across Multiplying Channels
• Revolutionizing Advertising, Outdoor, Direct Marketing
• Aligning Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Outreach

Day Two
8:00–8:30 a.m.         Continental Breakfast
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Program (includes Lunch, Morning and Afternoon

Pursuing Perfect Customer Service
• Improving Patient Satisfaction at Every Touch Point
• Linking Patient Experiences to Marketing Activities
• Advancing “Why-Didn’t-I-Think-of-That,” “aha” Moments
• Taking Advantage of Care Before, During, After and Long-After

Navigating Social Media to Inform, Connect, Engage, Empower
• Improving Website, Mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube,
• Adopting Best Practices in Social Media
• Evaluating Individual Social Media Channels
• Overcoming Resistant to Social Marketing

Influencing Participation, Conversation and Community
• Deploying Word-of-Mouth, Guerilla Marketing
• Creating Memorable Experiences
• Engaging Audiences to Spread Messages, Influence Health Decisions
• Empowering People to Integrate Wellness in Their Daily Lives
• Reaching People When, Where and How They Wish to Receive

Escalating Public Relations Strategies and Tactics
• Positioning Public Relations for Organizational Success
• Expanding Community Outreach
• Reaching Traditional and Online Media, Citizen Journalists
• Tackling Crisis Management, Communications

Assessing Structure, Strategies, Tactics, Tools, Customers
• Selecting evaluation methods, tools for each activity
• Assessing what, which, where, how, whether marketing worked
• Evaluating, gaining feedback at critical touchpoints
• Utilizing assessments to improve efforts

Where do we go From Here?
• Reinventing Health Care and Health Care Marketing
• Embracing and Keeping up with Change
• Delivering Value
• Ensuring Sustainability
• Advancing Health, Altering Behavior
• Becoming Indispensable, Making a Difference

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