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AMA Updates Global Strategy

In line with the AMA’s new strategic plan, the association has updated its global strategy, moving away from establishing a physical presence overseas in the near term in favor of continuing to foster and nurture relationships via a newly created emissary role. 

After six months of careful assessment, analysis, discussion and debate, the AMA developed and instituted plans for an organizational restructuring to streamline the business, and to hone in on central work initiatives that include unifying the AMA brand and community; designing and launching a more immersive and engaging digital and physical customer experience; and enhancing the organization’s portfolio of content products. Given the work and manpower that such initiatives entail, the AMA Board of Directors approved the CEO’s recommendation to close the AMA’s China office, at least during this period of transition, as well as its local offerings there, effective July 1, 2015. 

In this reconstituted approach, AMA.org will remain a global point of access for marketers and academics around the world. An “AMA.org 2.0”, called the Marketplace, also is under development and will be designed with global relevance in mind. Moreover, the AMA has appointed Don Sexton, president of the New York Chapter of the AMA and a professor of marketing at Columbia University, as the AMA’s emissary to China to continue to foster and nurture relationships developed in that region.  

This was a tough decision for the organization. However, by investing in content and improving its customer experience, the AMA is positioning itself to become the high-touch, knowledge-based enterprise that its members demand.


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