AMA Foundation Awards

Marketing Awards

Erin Anderson Award for an Emerging Female Mentor and Scholar
Recognizes emerging female marketing scholars and mentors, while honoring and celebrating the life of Erin Anderson.
The Leonard L. Berry Marketing Book Award
Recognizes books whose innovative ideas have had significant impact on marketing and related fields.
S. Tamer Cavusgil Award
Recognizes the Journal of International Marketing article that has made the most significant contribution to the advancement of the practice of international marketing management within the calendar year.
Paul E. Green Award
Recognizes the best article in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research.

David K. Hardin Award
Recognizes the article published in Marketing Research for innovation, applicability and the potential societal and economic benefits or implications of the research.
John A. Howard/ AMA Doctoral Dissertation Award
Recognizes the excellent marketing related doctoral dissertation for a given year.
Thomas C. Kinnear/Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Award
Honors the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing article that makes the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues within the most recent three-year time period.
Robert J. Lavidge Global Marketing Research Award
Recognizes marketing practitioners or educators from anywhere in the world, who have demonstrated success in implementing a research procedure with practical implications within the past five years.​

Vijay Mahajan Award
Honors a marketing educator affiliated with an institution of higher learning, who has made sustained contributions to marketing strategy literature over a span of ten or more years.
Honors nonprofit marketing professionals' leadership and achievements in the field of nonprofit marketing.

Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing Research Award
Honors distinguished academics and practitioners who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and sustained impact on advancing the evolving profession of marketing research over an extended period of time.
Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award
Recognizes the best article published in the Journal of Marketing that has made long-term contributions to the field of marketing.
Louis W. Stern Award
Recognizes the outstanding article, in a widely recognized and highly respected refereed journal, which has made a significant contribution to the literature on marketing and channels distribution.

Hans B. Thorelli Award
Recognizes the Journal of International Marketing article that has made the most significant and long-term contribution to international marketing theory or practice.

William L. Wilkie "Marketing for a Better World" Award
Honors marketing thinkers who have significantly contributed to our understanding and appreciation for marketing’s potentials to improve our world, and from whose work notable advances have ensued.

Williams-Qualls-Spratlen (WQS)​ Award
Recognizes world class marketing scholars and mentors of color, while carrying on the legacy of Jerome Williams, Bill Qualls, and Thaddeus Spratlen.


E.G. Chingos
Funds collegiate memberships in the AMA and AMA New York Chapter for third- and fourth-year undergraduate students majoring in marketing at four New York colleges and universities.
Valuing Diversity New Faculty Research
The purpose of the Valuing Diversity New Faculty Research Grant is to assist newly minted PhD Project alumni faculty with the first two years of their career.



Valuing Diversity Ph.D. Scholarships​
Seeks to widen the opportunities for underrepresented populations to attend marketing doctoral programs.

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