Steamroller or Compromiser? Daredevil or Safety Officer?

Chicago (August 27, 2015) — Move over, Myers-Briggs. Stand aside, StrengthsFinder. There’s a new test in town, and this one is for marketers.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has launched the Marketing Personality Test — the first-ever assessment designed specifically for marketing professionals.

Developed from a robust survey of more than 1,500 marketers, the comprehensive test gives marketers insights into their personality traits, how they compare to their industry peers, and how to use the results to their advantage.

“Success in marketing is all about understanding personalities,” said Jen Billings, Director of Brand Experience at the AMA. “Now, we as marketers can learn what makes us tick and how that can help us excel in our work.”

On completing the Marketing Personality Test, respondents receive a personalized, in-depth report. It rates them on a spectrum in seven areas, including Turtle or Social Butterfly (i.e., introvert or extrovert), Strategizer or Implementer, and Daredevil or Safety Officer (i.e., risk-taker or conservative). These results are explained in a marketing context and offer specific advice for navigating professional situations and colleagues for positive outcomes.

For example, a Social Butterfly’s interactive nature may translate into strong people management skills but may also be perceived as superficial. A Turtle is likely to have good listening skills but could come across as non-collaborative. Steamrollers may achieve their desired goals faster but can come across as dominating. Compromisers are often regarded as more fair-minded but may need to be more forceful in expressing their views.

Overall, AMA’s research found that marketers as a group tend to share many qualities. For example, the vast majority are extroverted, highly collaborative and optimistic. Therefore, they may need to work harder to differentiate themselves from their peers — when applying for a job, for instance.

On the other hand, those who depart from the norm should be aware of how their natural tendencies can help or hinder them professionally. The Marketing Personality Test identifies these “outliers” as one of four types and offers advice specific to each: Skeptic (tends to be more pessimistic than peers), Maverick (thinks collaboration is less effective than following one vision), Pacifist (uncomfortable with competition) or Free Spirit (thinks rules inhibit more than they help).

To learn more and to take the Marketing Personality Test, go to The multiple-choice test takes about 15 minutes to complete. It is free to any marketing or business professional; it simply requires the submission of basic information (name, company, email, etc.) in order to receive the results.

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