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Increasing MarTech Efficiency and Utilization

Increasing MarTech Efficiency and Utilization

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Why Adding a CDP to Your Stack (or upgrading your current one) Is Your Secret Weapon to Solve the Complicated Tech Stack Equation

Unlocking the value of technology is critical for any organization’s capability to compete now and in the future. Yet, organizations commonly report under-utilized, inefficient technology operations with Gartner research finding that organizations are only utilizing about 60% of their tech stack’s capabilities.

Is there a secret weapon out there to solve this problem? Yes, it’s called a data-first CDP.

Download our white paper on the secrets to unlocking the value of your tech stack through data with a data-first CDP. You’ll learn:

  • Why data is holding your tech stack back
  • The 9 capabilities duplicated throughout your tech stack that are causing serious CX issues
  • How orchestrating these 9 capabilities unlocks internal and customer-facing benefits at each step

Customer data capabilities are your best bet for unlocking transformational CX value with your tech. Find out how by downloading our white paper now!