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What is Keyword Difficulty?

What is Keyword Difficulty?

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Keyword difficulty is one of the essential metrics when it comes to carrying out keyword research. This metric helps marketers evaluate their potential to get to the top of the SERPs when building their master keyword list for their overall SEO strategy.

Simply put, if KD=90, any attempts to win the top positions for this keyword will be hindered by stiff competition. By the same token, a lower KD score, for example, one that equals 25, means there will be relatively higher chances to get to the top of the SERP via SEO. A digital marketer or an SEO specialist needs to see the most accurate metrics in order to base their strategy on reliable and consistent data. In reality, keyword difficulty calculations do vary, sometimes significantly, between different tools that are available now on the market. Most tools use a limited number of parameters to calculate keyword difficulty. Eventually, important data is missed out, thus impacting the final calculations. Since a myriad of companies are fighting for the same audience’s attention, they need high-quality, targeted content to cut through the clutter and reach potential customers.


Why is Semrush’s Keyword Difficulty the Most Accurate?

In 2021, Semrush relaunched its keyword difficulty metric based on a formula that takes into account all important parameters, ensure the contextual balance, and finally provide the most accurate KD value for a particular keyword. The new metric was extensively lab tested and is now available in all Semrush keyword suite tools. Learn more about the KD comparison research between different KD metrics here↗

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