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Choosing The Best Applicant – How to Set Up an Excellent Review Team and Process

Choosing The Best Applicant – How to Set Up an Excellent Review Team and Process


Talent fuels your organization— and selecting new individuals to add to your team or publicly acknowledge with a prize, award, publication, or grant is a big deal. After you’ve created your application but before it goes live, taking time to consider your strategies for review and communications will help ensure your final choices meet your organization’s standards for excellence.

Every applicant and would-be reviewer for your opportunity is a potential advocate for your brand. The following strategies are designed to help you safeguard their positive experience with your organization, and ensure your successful outcomes, from start to finish. This guide offers tips for selecting individuals to join your review team or board, strategies for conducting applicant review, suggestions for communicating with applicants, and advice for sharing the good results of your thorough process. These crucial strategies fall under four main categories:

  • Setting Up an Excellent Review Team
  • Running an Efficient Review Process
  • Communicating with Applicants
  • Making the Most of Your Final Decision

Get started by downloading this helpful free guide from Submittable, and move one step closer to a better, faster application review process.

Submittable is a submission management platform that makes it easy to accept, review, and select any kind of content, no matter where you are. Since 2010, Submittable has helped organizations collect more than 10 million submissions for thousands of customers all over the world. With customizable forms, organized rounds of review, and batch emailing, accepting submissions and applications is now easier, faster, and more dependable, all while making things like scholarships, fellowships, contests, and awards more visible and fair.