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A Buyer’s Guide: Submission Management Software for Contests & Awards

A Buyer's Guide: Submission Management Software for Contests & Awards


When you’re accepting digital submissions for contests, awards, or another purpose, organization is crucial.

Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to the online submission process. If they can’t get their information to you quickly and easily, they may not complete their contest or award entry at all. It’s easy to see the value in a quality submission software to manage your contest or award, but making that final product choice can be difficult. Understanding the key aspects of quality software will help you evaluate options carefully. This document outlines important points to consider when researching submission management software for contests and awards, and suggests questions to ask when vetting potential solutions.


Take the time to evaluate your options so you can find a product that meets all your team’s needs. To keep reading this article and to learn more about submission management software, download your free guide.

Submittable is a submission management platform that makes it easy to accept, review, and select any kind of content, no matter where you are. Since 2010, Submittable has helped organizations collect more than 10 million submissions for thousands of customers all over the world. With customizable forms, organized rounds of review, and batch emailing, accepting submissions and applications is now easier, faster, and more dependable, all while making things like scholarships, fellowships, contests, and awards more visible and fair.