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2019 AMA Marketing Week Preview

Marketing matters. A lot. Study after study demonstrates the power of marketing to drive top-line growth and overall health of a business.


Marketers deserve some credit. They deserve a week to be celebrated. They deserve a week to be recognized and made to feel special. 

They deserve AMA Marketing Week

It’s a week for marketers (or those doing marketing who might not consider themselves marketers) to remind each other that they are in a profession that matters. And P.S…. they’re part of a community where they EACH matter. 

It’s a chance to share the impact of marketing on business with non-marketers. During AMA Marketing Week, we’ll turn the spotlight on the studies and facts that prove the importance of marketing and why businesses can’t survive without strong marketing competencies. 

So mark your calendars and look out for amazing content from AMA communities across the country from September 30 through October 4th.