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How to Supercharge Your Creative Team’s Productivity

How to Supercharge Your Creative Team’s Productivity

Alex Geer

When you take the time to evaluate your team’s creative review process and implement solutions to make it smoother, faster and cleaner, the payoff can be great

It’s a common creative team dilemma: With new platforms and formats to keep up with, workloads often increase while resources stay the same. “You need more resources, more time to adapt to change and greater efficiency in your creative process to get it done,” according to a new eBook from the American Marketing Association and OpenText Hightail. 

The eBook, “Supercharge Your Creative Team’s Productivity by Harnessing Technology,” shares some statistics that show just how much of a pain point the creative process can be:

  • Resourcing is the greatest challenge for 53 percent of creative leaders and in-house agencies, according to the 2018 In-House Creative Industry Report.
  • Meanwhile, the processes for getting work out the door aren’t helping matters; according to Hightail’s 2017 State of Creative Collaboration survey, 80 percent of respondents report their company’s review and feedback process takes longer than expected.
  • And 66 percent said their campaigns and new programs just aren’t getting out as fast as they need to.

There Has to Be a Better Way

Interestingly, one critical key to streamlining processes often seems to be overlooked. Less than half the respondents in the Hightail survey say their companies have the technology to ease such headaches. 

Even once the decision is made that a technological solution is needed, another decision arises. Is digital asset management (DAM) or creative review software the right solution for you? And if you need both, where do you begin? While creative review software helps revision rounds close faster, keeps teams on the same page and helps them to communicate more effectively, DAM solutions can allow for maximum usage of creative assets. The eBook offers two flow charts to help you determine if either solution or maybe even both solutions can help set your creative team up for success.


Get the Whole Team to Join Your Mission

Once you’ve decided on a solution, it’s critical to ensure your entire team adopts it. Find out what each team that will be using the solution cares about the most, and give that careful consideration as you implement the solution. “Making them feel like they’re part of the process will help ensure adoption,” according to the eBook.

For more information and seven tips on how to evaluate your own creative collaboration needs, download “Supercharge Your Creative Team’s Productivity by Harnessing Technology.”

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