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De-Identification: A Pragmatic Way to Solve for Data Privacy

De-Identification: A Pragmatic Way to Solve for Data Privacy

Alex Geer

With data privacy on everyone’s mind it is important to understand your options when it comes to gathering multi-faceted market research insights.  Europe recently launched the GDPR guidelines and we know the U.S. is not far behind.  As marketers, data will always be important to our overall planning. Marketing, data and research have never been so tightly intertwined and the speed of marketing technology innovation is impressive. The list of MARTEC companies has grown from 150 in 2011 to an astounding 6,800 in 2018. In parallel, the definition of market research begs for an extension, if not a total revamp. Market research, as a business function and an industry, is compelled to solidify its continuous relevance to the new marketing practice.

Underlying all of these transformations is the usage of data, and decisions on how best to utilize the vast, disparate data sources to produce effective insights, marketing recommendations, and precise targeting. And, how do we uphold data privacy while pursuing these opportunities? This becomes the crux of the challenges that is imperative for us to solve, before we can reap the benefits of data synergies.


Against this backdrop, Luth Research and Management Science Associates (MSA) have joined forces to introduce De-ID 360, a pragmatic approach for data integration and anonymization with rigorous adherence to data privacy. The ultimate goal is a technology platform providing an anonymized 360° view of an individual across diverse data silos that protects confidential, personal, identifiable information while enabling complex analytics and insights.

This whitepaper also shares three use cases to help illustrate the invaluable benefits of data integration without privacy concerns. These use cases include:

  • Determine influence of digital touch points on offline sales
  • Onboard digital behavioral data into a DMP or a Data Ecosystem
  • Bridge clinical data and digital behaviors

Download Luth Research’s De-Identification Whitepaper