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Which Touchpoints Matter? Decoding the Path to Purchase

Which Touchpoints Matter? Decoding the Path to Purchase

Alex Geer

Do you ever wish you could really get inside the head of your prospective customers? Sometimes the way they choose and buy products can seem inexplicably random – and you can never be quite sure if you’re hitting the mark in terms of marketing. Are you putting enough revenue into the correct advertising streams? Are you benefiting at all from social media marketing? If only you could unlock the secrets to how and why customers make the purchases they do, you could much more easily tailor your marketing strategy – and possibly reap huge rewards.

This is where the customer’s journey comes in. Also known as the “Path to Purchase,” this determines how a customer comes into contact with your brand, where they seek more information, and, crucially, how they make the decision to purchase. The customer’s journey should make it easy for a company to identify pain points and weak spots in the path to purchase a product or service. In order to understand this path, it’s vital for a company to gather insights about how to track the path to purchase and what questions this type of tracking answers. But how do you do this?


Fortunately, advances in technology can enable companies to discover a lot of information about their customer base, which can then be used to help better determine what items to stock, where customers are primarily purchasing goods, and even what marketing and advertising strategies to choose.

Digital behavior data takes the consumer journey measurement to a totally different level. This must-have measurement reveals the interplay of marketing channels and online/offline touchpoints in the consumer decision journey and where the path to purchase begins, peaks and ends. It shows how consumers interact with retailers, brand websites/apps, 3rd party review sites and search so you understand the key touchpoints in the purchase journey. This knowledge allows you to pinpoint opportunities to better serve your customer so you can improve your overall branding and sales.

DOWNLOAD: Which Touchpoints Matter? Decoding the Path to Purchase e-Book

This e-book takes a deep dive into digital behavior measurement and how consumers are shopping in this omni-channel world. The categories covered include auto, appliance and online grocery shopping. We will uncover behaviors you can take advantage of no matter what industry you are in.

With Luth Research’s ZQ Intelligence™ you have the ability to track your customers’ path to purchase. ZQ Intelligence™ is a patent-pending, cross-platform digital behavior measurement system. It combines Luth Research’s research panel with proprietary web and mobile tracking technologies to correlate consumer actions and attitudes. This innovative technology is the only and most comprehensive platform that has deep visibility into computer, both iOS and Android mobile operating systems and empowers companies to passively track digital behaviors and activities on a single-source basis, to gain unique insights about their target consumers. The e-book uncovers behaviors you can take advantage of no matter what industry you are in.

The scope of the three categories featured in the e-book are as follows:

Auto Path to Purchase: This study tracked 400 car shoppers digitally for 30 days to gain insight into consumer behaviors during auto shopping journeys. Along with behavioral data, shoppers responded to questionnaires gauging their attitudes and intentions behind their car shopping behaviors.

Appliance Path to Purchase: 500 major appliance shoppers participated in this 30-day digital tracking study. In addition to digital behaviors, trigger surveys for online and offline touchpoints captured shoppers omni-channel appliance shopping experiences.

Grocery Path to Purchase: Using historical data going back to 2016, this study analyzed the overall trend of online grocery shopping among digital consumers, with the emphasis on AmazonFresh. Detailed on-site analyses of AmazonFresh illustrated online grocery shopping behaviors and further indicated what’s working for brands and retailers.

Download Luth Research’s e-book, “Which Touchpoints Matter? Decoding the Path to Purchase” to gain insights that are valuable to your marketing strategy.

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